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Sexology is a very broad field of knowledge dealing with the mental and physical functioning of a human being. There is no doubt that the sexual sphere is an intimate and at the same time extremely important area of life. After all, the desire for sex was and is a primal instinct, a physiological drive such as eating or sleeping. Sexual problems can have a strong impact on many areas of life, because sex is a sphere closely related to other aspects, such as emotions and thinking. Research shows that sexual intercourse problems can lead to depressed mood and even depression or physical illness in those who experience them. Unfortunately, we often ignore sexual problems, they are taboo and a source of shame. This is wrong because there are many myths and distortions about sexual dysfunction, and the concept of what is normal and abnormal in the field of sex is constantly evolving.

Sexual dysfunctions very often stem from unresolved psychological problems. Problems such as an orgasm, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and painful intercourse are often not only physical but also mental. If you have problems in the sexual sphere and you are unable to deal with them, consult a sexologist. Deciding to make an appointment with a sexologist is the first step to change your life – including your sexual life – for the better.





Even as a child, I was fascinated by the human psyche, scientific psychology, then human sexuality and the alchemy of love. I’ve spent most of my life in bookstores reading books from the world’s leading sexologists, including novels, forensics, and criminology. For me, this unconventional field, where new research is constantly being carried out, makes me want to know more and help people who need the help of a specialist. Sexology itself was developed in Freud’s time, but was a taboo subject for a long time. What excites me is the depth of the human psyche and the fact that everyone is different. Intrigued by the human mind, interpersonal interactions and interactions with the environment. I don’t judge people who come to my office. I grew up and spent my life in many different cultures and have a very open mind.

Consultations Online

I also offer remote consultations for the same rates.

I decided to develop this practice because I saw its relevance and effectiveness.

Without pretending that we are recreating the equivalent of a physical meeting, it is possible to do real therapeutic work, both over the phone and via a webcam.

The listening quality remains the same.
Speech, of both the psychologist and the patient, fully takes up space. The words, the silence take their full dimension.

When taking care of a patient, the sexologist / therapist must take into account the limits of his competence and resources, technical support in the interest of the latter.

The sex therapist / sex therapist must do their best to establish a relationship of trust between him and his patient. He must respect his values and beliefs.

Meet me if ...

You are in the process of breaking up or having difficulty cheating

You’re in a crisis in your relationship

You observe desire disorders

You suffer from your own gender identity

You find it difficult to accept your own sexual orientation,

You’ve stopped enjoying your sex life

You can’t express your emotions

You suffer from anxiety disorders

Współpraca ze mną pozwoli Ci...

Know your sexuality
Understand emotions experienced
Enjoy your sex life
Strengthen your self-esteem,
Recognize your strengths and accept your weaknesses

Cooperation with me will allow you ...


Julianna Cieślewicz